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164 Main St
Annapolis, MD, 21401
United States

(844) 937-2433

Proof in the Pudding

We're not your ordinary bean counters.  Rather than just talk-the-talk, we actually walk-the-walk. 

Matt Hetrick and Chris Oland are partners in Cordial Hospitality Group which owns and manages restaurants in suburban Maryland.  Through our experiences in redeveloping historic properties to house award winning restaurants, we know what it feels like to be in your shoes...because we've worn them.  We invite you to both Vintage (New Market, MD) and Preserve (Annapolis, MD) to see our restaurants in action.

What's this mean for you?  Advice from people who 'get it.'  We know how much work it takes to nurture a concept from infancy, through the ups and downs of opening, into award-winning maturation and profitability.  We will share our lessons learned with you, as well as the lessons we've learned from working with dozens of your peers, to help you perfectly blend the passion of your concept with the ultimate goal of actually making money while pursuing your dream.