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Founded and based in Washington, DC, Culinary Accountants is the nation's premier hospitality accounting firm.


Staffed by a diverse team of hospitality industry and financial experts, we provide customized accounting services for small and mid-sized culinary enterprises. Our clients range from James Beard award winners to first-time chef-owners, independent coffee shops to multi-national restaurant groups.

The common goal: Run enduring businesses focused on superior food and service.



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Mailing Address

15 Francis Street, 2nd Floor

Annapolis, MD 21401


48 S South River Rd., Suite 101
Edgewater, MD 21037



M-F 8am-6pm

Matt and Culinary Accountants have provided us with superb advice and direction and are always there when called upon. They are real partners whose support and professionalism we admire, and whose friendship we appreciate.
— Don Silverman, Rose's Luxury and Pineapple & Pearls

Our Mission

Culinary Accountants was built from the ground up to provide restaurateurs with corporate level finance and accounting solutions for a fraction of the cost.


Our Leadership

Our partners include accountants and restaurateurs, with two things in common - intimate knowledge of the hospitality industry and unparalleled financial expertise. Pictured above are President Matt Hetrick, CPA and partners Sheri Powell, CPA and Chris Oland.

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Our Team

Our team is American in-sourced from all over, from Idaho to Tennessee, New Mexico to Washington, DC. We're passionate about offering expert accounting professionals the chance to stay in the workforce on their own terms, from stay at home moms to single parents to folks studying for their CPAs. Pictured above is our local DC team at President Matt Hetrick's Annapolis Restaurant, Preserve.

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Our Clients

Our clients are as diverse as we are, from independent bars to multi-national chains to Michelin-starred restaurants with world-renowned chefs. The passion for great hospitality at profitable, enduring businesses motivates them, and us.


Pricing Structure

We structure our fees on a client by client basis, based on the specific needs of everyone we work with. We offer a range of options from providing a full service financial team for all your hospitality financial needs, to enterprise planning and startup assistance.

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Full Service Finance Team

A single-source solution for all of your financial needs. We handle all of your bookkeeping, managerial accounting, CFO, and tax needs at a flat rate that is a fraction of the cost of a full time bookkeeper. You have access to all of our experience and our trained bookkeeping staff without any of the headaches involved in recruiting, hiring, training, managing, and replacing bookkeepers.

Outsourced CFO/Controller

A cost effective alternative to hiring a CFO or Controller. If you have your own bookkeeping staff in place, we can provide outsourced CFO solutions to provide you with tax and managerial accounting oversight. Access to experienced industry CFO-level knowledge at a fraction of the cost of a full time CFO.

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We favor a retainer model - weekly billing that covers your customized suite of client services. This smooths out your cash flow and encourages a constant, collaborative relationship that allows us to help you make the best decisions to maximize profitability.

Hourly and flat rates may be available on a case by case basis for a range of accounting, consulting, and financial needs.



Some of the great people we work with include...

Over the years, we have found Culinary Accountants to be an invaluable resource; always responsive in providing sensible, intelligent and useful advice. The firm is comprised of a great team that adheres to the highest ethical standards.
— Célia Laurent, Kinship and Métier

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